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What is an employee assistance programme

10th July, 2023 by Graham Nicholls
employee assistance programme
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What is an employee assistance programme?

An employee assistance programme (EAP) is a valuable workplace benefit that can help employees manage life’s challenges. The employee assistance programme is provided so they can remain productive and successful in their roles. Offered usually through an employer-sponsored benefit, an EAP is a professional, confidential counselling and referral service. The employee assistance programme is designed to provide employees with support and resources to help them address personal or work-related issues that may be affecting their lives.

What does an employee assistance programme provide?

An EAP typically provides coaching / counselling services for a variety of issues including:

• Stress management

• Menopausal issues

• Marriage, family and relationships

• Grief and loss

• Mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, anger-management, burnout etc.)

• Work/life balance

• Retirement and career planning

In addition to counseling services, an EAP will often provide resource referral services to help employees locate additional support services in their local community. Some employers may also offer an EAP to help employees transition into retirement and provide them with resources for continuing education and job retraining.

What are the benefits of an employee assistance programme?

Employers that offer an EAP benefit have found that it often helps to reduce absenteeism, reduce healthcare costs, and improve employee morale and productivity. Employees with access to an Employee Assistance Programme benefit can get the help they need to cope with crises and manage their everyday responsibilities without having to worry about the cost or stigma associated with seeking professional help.

Employee assistance programmes are great resources for employees and employers alike. By providing employees with access to professional coaching / counselling and resources, employers can ensure that their employees are better equipped to manage their personal lives and serve as productive members of the workplace.

What about those who do not want coaching / counselling?

For some people a traditional employee assistance programme does not offer enough. Some people do not want to go to one-on-one coaching / counselling. They prefer a self-help option so that they can learn how to help themselves. Some employee assistance programmes also provide trainings and workshops for these people. With trainings and workshops, employees can learn crucial information as well as tools and strategies to use in their lives.

A business that take this extra step, that provides a multi-faceted employee assistance programme is one that truly cares about their workforce. This type of business takes the mental health and wellbeing of their staff seriously. Mental health is more than just a tick box exercise in this type of organisation. 

Which type of organisation are you?

If you are interested in providing that extra support for your workforce, via a fully loaded employee assistance programme, please fill out the form below and get in touch today.

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