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Busting Mental Health Myths

25th February, 2023 by Graham Nicholls
Mental Health
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Busting Mental Health Myths

I know you have done it. You have sat and watched the news and seen something about mental health. Maybe you have seen something on social media about mental health that has made you stop and think. There is so much information out there that, sometimes, it is hard to know what is right and what is not. Today, I would like to share with you some of the myths about mental health and break them down.

Here goes:

Mental Health Issues - they are all in the mind and not physically linked

Rubbish! The thought that mental health is all in the mind is completely wrong. Let's be clear here, when we are talking about mental health what we are actually talking about are emotions. Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, frustration and any other condition considered to be a mental health issue are all emotions. Our emotions are experienced throughout every part of us. Consider for a minute someone who is raging with anger, how can you tell just by looking at them? There is a physical representation isn't there! What about someone who is happy or joyful? 

You are getting the idea I am sure. Our mental health and physical health are directly linked and anything we feel in our mind, we experience in our body. The good news about that is, when we change how we are feeling in our body, we can change what we are experiencing in our mind. Try this out: get into a freezing cold shower and be depressed or even sad. You can't do it because your mind and body are completely focussed on the cold water battering your skin. When you shift physically, you shift mentally.

Poor Mental Health is a permanent condition

Completely and utterly untrue. I am living proof of that and so are numerous clients of out Priority Mind Management Coaches. Over 20 years ago I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and stress all at the same time. I was given a prescription for some medication, I chose to find out more about those conditions to see if I could help myself and I did!

These days I may experience times of stress but I no longer experience anxiety or depression. I do, however, experience some of life's normal emotions. Sometimes I might feel sad or a little down and, as I said above, I sometimes feel stressed. That's life, we are meant to have a mix of emotions for we cannot just be happy all of the time. The key these days is that I don't spend a lot of time in those emotions. I know how to change them and live in emotions that I choose to live in. Poor mental health is absolutely not permanent and I am living proof.

Getting Help for Mental Health Issues takes a long time

Nope, again that is absolutely not true. At Priority Mind Management we do not allow you to continue suffering for weeks before we get you in to see one of our Coaches. We can usually get you a session within 7 days. Plus, it doesn't years, or even months, for you to start feeling the improvements. Our Mind Management tools and practices help you start the journey to recovery straight away. Usually clients are ready to move forwards by themselves after six sessions. However, if you still need the help after six sessions we won't just kick you out or make you wait for more sessions.

Moving from poor mental health to good mental health does not take years if you know what you are doing. Our Coaches will help you discover what is happening and then give you the help and tools to get you moving forwards. As I sit here writing this I know that one of our Coaches has just complete four sessions with a client and they are now happy to move on with their lives with no more sessions. Can I guarantee that for you? No, we could never offer guarantees like that. We will do everything we can to help, that is what we offer.

So now that we have busted some mental health myths, what will you do to improve your mental health?

About Priority Mind Management

Here at Priority Mind Management we primarily help businesses to support the emotional and mental health of their staff. We offer a range of training options and one-to-one coaching options. We are determined to break down the stigma of mental health. Improved mental health in the workplace increases moral and productivity while reducing absenteeism and staff turnover.

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