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The Blueprint of Mental Health

6th December, 2022 by Graham Nicholls
Mental Health

Before a new house is built, a plan is made and a blueprint drawn up. The blueprint clearly sets out the structure of the building, how it should be built and how it will look. With each step of the houses creation the builders refer to that blueprint as their guide. The measurements, the materials and the shape are all determined by the blueprint.

Would it surprise you to know that we, as human beings, have our own blueprint? The building blocks of life are contained in our DNA, a blueprint of its own. However, it is the mental blueprint that we hold inside that often has a huge effect on our mental health and emotional health.

The problem with this mental blueprint is that, very often, we are unaware that it is there let alone what it looks, sounds and feels like. We hold a design inside of us of how our life should be but we don’t consciously know it. The problem, of course, is that if we don’t know what that blueprint is then we cannot possibly live to it.

“When our life does not match our blueprint and there seems no hope of it ever doing so, desperation can set it. Create your own blueprint and define your life on your terms to keep desperation at bay” - Graham Nicholls.

Our mental health can be determined by that blueprint 

When we have, unconsciously, designed our life a certain way but our life looks and feels nothing like that design, our unconscious protests. Even if we know what that blueprint looks like, but we are not in that life nor feel like we can move into that life, our entire system protests.

Imagine, for a moment, thinking that life should ‘be’ a certain way but it isn’t. Then imagine the feeling of not knowing how to make life that way, how disturbing could that be? The horror of not living the life we have designs for and not knowing how to even move towards it can drive our negative mental health.

Depression, stress, anxiety and overwhelm can all become serious players in our life. While we long for the life we so desire, yet know not how to create it, our negative emotions run wild and take over. These negative emotions drive us further from our desired life and the desperation spiral spins out of control.

The answer is in our hands

Within us resides the answers, the solutions to our problems for the solution to any problem does not sit in the problem itself. As human beings, we have the gift of self determination and responsibility. While the word responsibility scares some it is nothing more than the ability to respond….. an ability we all have.

While sounding very simplistic, there are two clear ways to resolve the issue of our life not resembling our blueprint:

  1. Start moving our life towards our blueprint - there is always a way, through growth and determined action, to move ourselves to where we wish to go. It takes strength, courage and responsibility (there’s that word again) to get us there, but get us there it will.
  2. Change the blueprint - Our self determination gives us the ability that no other living thing on earth has the ability to do. It gives the ability to decide the life we want and when we create a blueprint of our own design, we win!

The blueprint to your mental health is defined by the blueprint to your life. Create the life you want through your own blueprint and you create your own good mental health.

At Priority Mind Management we help business to support the mental and emotional health of their employees. We provide a proactive, solution based approach through our Mind Management Coaches, each of whom are strained to a globally accredited standard and are ready to help your business.

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