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The Perk of Good Mental Health

6th December, 2022 by Graham Nicholls
Mental Health

In the UK alone, nearly 400,000 more people used a work provided mental health resource in 2021 than they did in 2020 and that has to send a message out to employers around the world. Are you paying attention? With an increase of that magnitude, and suggestions that the figure might be over 500,000 more between 2021 and 2022, it’s time for businesses that do not yet support the mental health and emotional health of their staff to wake up.

Your employees are screaming out for help, albeit mostly screaming in silence. Access to any sort of mental health support provided by the state is becoming more and more limited. Waiting lists grow around the world by the day as more and more people seek the help they so desperately need. While they suffer, so does the business as productivity goes downhill with morale, absenteeism sky rockets and more people leave their positions in search of a better workplace.

Over 40% of people who left their jobs in 2021 said that they did so due to work stress. Surveys across over 3000 HR professionals suggest that nearly 50% of employees would go to another employer who provided better mental health and emotional health support.

Wake Up to Mental Health Support

Would you answer a couple of questions:

  • If you are a business owner do you offer mental health support to your staff?
  • Do you know how many people actually use the service?
  • Is it a proactive service or do they just wait for your staff to contact them?
  • Are you a proactive business with mental health or do you just pay lip service to it?

Yes, they can be hard hitting questions and yet they are questions that, as a business, you need to be answering. When a business wakes up to supporting the mental health and emotional health of its employees the transformation in that business can be astounding.

Imagine, for a moment, a business where everyone feels supported. A place where morale is high and people are happy to come to work. Imagine a place of work where everyone speaks openly and supports each other through any tough times. Can you imagine working in a place like that? How would it feel?

How would it feel to be the business owner or leader that helps bring that type of workplace and environment to your people?

The days where a gym membership or company car where seen as perks of the job have gone. The greatest perk any business can offer their employees is the support of their mental and emotional health. The advantages of this support reach much further than just the employee and business. The bonus is you reach into the life of your employees as their mental and emotional health affects every part of their lives. As their lives improve so, in turn, does their work and the circle of benefit is completed.

Will you give your employees the greatest perk of all?

At Priority Mind Management we help business to support the mental and emotional health of their employees. We provide a proactive, solution based approach through our Mind Management Coaches, each of whom are strained to a globally accredited standard and are ready to help your business.

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