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Mental Health Awareness Week 15th-19th May 2023

25th April, 2023 by Graham Nicholls
Mental Health , Mental Health First Aid
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Mental Health Awareness Week - 15th - 19th May 2023

The ideal time to start talking about mental health with your workforce is today. Right here and right now is absolutely the best time. However, many business owners, leaders and managers don't know how to start that conversation. That is the power that mental health awareness week has. Mental health awareness week gives you the opportunity to start the conversation.

You, as a business owner, manager or leader, know many of your staff closely. You see them most days of the week so you get to know them. However, you don't always know what they are struggling with outside of work. Mental health awareness week gives you the chance to help them with those things. Providing your employees with trainings, workshops or the opportunity to have one-on-one coaching could be life changing to them.

The question arises

However, the questions arises; "what can I offer my staff to help them during mental health awareness week?"

The truth is that, as long as you offer them some sort of help during mental health awareness week, you've started the conversation. Consider what your staff might need. Do you think they would benefit from a general mental health workshop? Or maybe they would appreciate something focussed on a specific subject? It could be help with anxiety, depression or stress. Maybe they would appreciate some tools to help with overwhelm or burnout?

The beauty of mental health awareness week is that it doesn't matter about the subject. What matters is that you start the conversation. However, what REALLY matters is that you continue that conversation! Doing a one-off training or workshop is ok, it's a good start. The problem is that too many businesses treat mental health awareness week as a tick box exercise. (Read our recent blog on mental health being more than a tick box exercise HERE)

Mental health awareness week - more than a tick box exercise

What really needs to come out of mental health awareness week is a continued conversation. The great news is that you don't have to consistently have that conversation. By providing your workforce with consistent information, via a professional training and coaching company, you help them so much more than a one-off thing. Please, we implore you, as a business owner and leader, do more for your staff.

Make mental health mean more in your business and workplace. Make good mental health be part of your workplace ethics. Create a mental health strategy for your business that truly helps your people. By doing those things you make mental health awareness week mean so much more. You make it mean that it was the starting place of something amazing.

In 2022, over 40% of people who were changing jobs said that would choose a business with good mental health support over one that had nothing.

Ideas for kickstarting mental health awareness week

- Here are some ideas for how you could help change the lives of your workforce and the workplace environment.

- Hold a mental health awareness workshop during mental health awareness week

- Then, hold monthly mental health awareness workshops on different subjects throughout the year

- Train members of your staff to be mental health first aiders 

- Provide private and confidential coaching for those who need that one-on-one additional support

- Support your teams by offering information via leaflets and booklets

- Add posters / signs around the workplace with core mental health information

- Ensure mental health is a key part of your company's intranet (if you have one)

Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure that mental health awareness week is the start of something amazing. Be that business, be that owner, be that leader who takes mental health in the workplace seriously.

We can help

Here at Priority Mind Management we are leaders in mental health training and coaching services. We support businesses around the world to design and implement their mental health strategies. We have a wide range of mental health trainings and workshops. All of these can be delivered online and recorded for those staff who missed it. We can either supply you with the recordings, or, we can host them for you.

We also have a collection of highly trained mind management coaches. They have the knowledge and experience to help your staff to improve their mental health. We know that most mental health issues are not work related. However, they do have a major influence on working life, productivity and workplace moral. This is where our coaches thrive! There is no greater thrill, to a coach, than helping someone through their issues and in to a life they enjoy. This is the power of Priority Mind Management Coaching.

Our trainings and workshops include (but are not limited to)

- General mental health awareness

- Stress awareness

- Anxiety awareness

- Depressions awareness

- Overwhelm & burnout awareness

- Menopause awareness

- Courage & confidence in the workplace

- Communication skills

- Emotional intelligence

- Emotional resiliency

- And many more

Your staff will walk away from each training / workshop with new knowledge and experience. Plus, they will come away with real life tools and strategies that they can use to help themselves. These are not just tick box trainings. These are powerful workshops designed specifically to provide practical help.

A recent testimonial from one of the businesses we work with:

"The sessions were upbeat and dynamic but empathetic and engaging throughout. We will be using Priority Mind Management again to the benefit of staff and management and improving overall conversations around mental health. Thank you to both Graham and Cuddy as I feel, that unlike some seminars, these sessions left our staff with practical steps that they could implement in their own situations as well as some really thought provoking conversation starters. I have no doubt that any other sessions we run will be extremely well attended." - Caroline Routh, Co-Chief Executive, Blevins Franks

Make mental health awareness week the starting point

Now, it is over to you. You have the opportunity to start something amazing for your staff. You can use mental health awareness week as the launch pad for your mental health strategy. And we can help! Fill in the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP. Let's start something special together.

Fill out the form below now, we look forward to serving you.

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