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Vlog Post - Labels and why they can be harmful

12th May, 2023 by Paloma Litteral
Labels , Trauma
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Labels and why they can be harmful

In the vlog post below, Paloma (one of our awesome PMM Coaches) recounts her journey through therapy. She discovered that the labels she had been diagnosed with did not serve her well throughout her life. She realized that the key to transforming her life and helping others was through mind management coaching. Despite experiencing childhood trauma and being given various labels through diagnoses, Paloma refused to let them hinder her from living a fulfilling life. In this podcast, Paloma's expertise and passion for coaching shine through. She inspires and assists others in transforming their own lives. Paloma  demonstrates that, with the right mindset and support, anyone can overcome obstacles and labels while achieving their dreams. 

Please email Paloma if you would like to have a session and change your life, Remember if its in the mind it can be managed. 

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