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Mental Health Workshops and the Benefits

9th May, 2023 by Graham Nicholls
Mental Health , Mental Health Workshops
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Mental Health Workshops and the Benefits

It is said that knowledge is power. However, that isn't always true. Knowledge is only potential power, for knowledge without action holds no power at all. Why, therefore, do we here at Priority Mind Management offer trainings and workshops on the subject of mental health? The answer is simple, we do not only offer knowledge. Yes, of course we offer knowledge in our mental health workshops. It wouldn't be much of a workshop if we didn't! However, there is a key difference with our mental health workshops.

That difference is that we don't only impart knowledge. All of our mental health workshops also offer tools and strategies. These tools and strategies are real world, tried and tested to be effective in helping improve mental health. Which means that every person who attends one (or more) of our mental health workshops will walk away with something to action. We mix knowledge with actionable strategies to create power!

Mental health workshops with a difference

Have you ever been to a workshop (whether it is to do with mental health or any other subject) and been bored? Maybe you spent an hour, or even two, just being talked at? When you left did you remember all of the information? My bet is that you didn't and here is why. Studies show that within 48 hours of attending a workshop or training you have lost around 80% of the information. That is an expensive workshop if you only walk away with 20% of the information.

That is the trouble with traditional workshops, seminars and webinars. They just talk at you and whether you retain the information or not is up to you. At Priority Mind Management, our mental health workshops are designed to give you the biggest impact we can. Let me ask you a quick question: Which would you rather pay money for:

- A boring workshop where you are just talked at for an hour (or two)


- A workshop that is engaging, enlightening and that you can have actionable tools to use at the end

Which of those would you prefer?

Mental health workshop testimonial

"We booked two sessions with PMM covering Depression and Anxiety. The take up rate across the company was very high for both sessions and all of the staff feedback was extremely positive. The sessions were upbeat and dynamic but empathetic and engaging throughout. I firmly believe that we will be using Priority Mind Management again in future to the benefit of staff and management and improving overall conversations around mental health. Thank you to both Graham and Cuddy as I feel, that unlike some seminars, these sessions left our staff with practical steps that they could implement in their own situations as well as some really thought provoking conversation starters. I have no doubt that any other sessions we run will be extremely well attended."

Catherine Routh, Blevins Franks

We cover many subjects

We have a long list of subjects we can cover in our mental health workshops. They all are built around engagement and ensuring your teams have tools and strategies to help themselves. However, if there is something specific you would like us to talk about we can do that as well. We will write bespoke mental health workshops for your business. We can cover any subject you choose. We can signpost your employees to where you want them signposting. We can ensure that your mental health workshops match your mental health strategy.

When you are ready to find out more, talk to us and see how we will help you and your business.

The benefits of holding regular mental health workshops for your staff are huge. It's not just your staff that benefit, your business does as well. Improved moral, productivity, efficiency, workplace wellbeing and culture are just some of the benefits. What does all that lead to for you business? Increased profits! Yes, you read that correctly. Holding regular workshops for your teams helps them and helps your bottom line. What is stopping you?

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