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Employee Assistance Programme from Priority Mind Management

The employee assistance programme from Priority Mind Management provides everything a traditional employee assistance programme does and much more!

Here at Priority Mind Management, we believe in making the emotional and mental health of your workforce a priority. That means taking the traditional model of the employee assistance programme and making it better. We know that people are different and, as such, need different approaches to the mental wellbeing. For example, some people want and need the one-on-one approach that our coaching provides. While others don't want the one-on-one approach, they prefer the self-help route. Those people need a way to learn how to help themselves.

What our employee assistance programme provides

We work in a unique way with our employee assistance programme. What that means is that we can completely tailor it to your business. If you feel you want more one-on-one sessions and less trainings / workshops. We can help. However, if you would like your employee assistance programme to have regular monthly or bi-monthly workshops. We can help.

It may be that you would like a full day or half day training every three months. We can help with that as well. Perhaps you would like some of your leaders and managers to be trained in mind management so they can manage more effectively, we can do that too. Simply put, our employee assistance programme can be what YOU need it to be. More info below.

Benefits of our employee assistance programme

An employee assistance programme provides many benefits for your business and your employees. From an employee perspective, some of the benefits are:

Improved mental health, increased moral, higher confidence levels, improved relationships at work and home, reduced stress levels, increased motivation, less anxiousness and many more.

From the point of view of your business, some of the benefits are:

An improved atmosphere, increased efficiency and productivity, improved accuracy, better teamwork and, reduced absenteeism, higher staff retention and, of course, improved profitability. In fact, research shows that for every £1 a business spends on supporting the mental health of its workforce they can expect an average return on investment of £8! That's an ROI of 800%

An employee assistance programme provides benefits to everyone - business and employee!

What do we provide for your employee assistance programme?

→ One-on-one mind management coaching

All of our coaches are trained to 'Master Level' in mind management coaching. They all go through a thorough training programme that is accredited by the Global CPD Standards Office. They are then continually mentored and assessed for their capabilities and performance. Our coaches can help with in a multitude of areas, including (but not limited to):

- Stress management

- Menopausal issues

- Marriage, family and relationships

- Grief and loss

- Mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, anger-management, burnout etc.)

- Work/life balance

- Retirement and career planning

- ADHD, Aspergers and other associated conditions

- Trauma 

and much more! How much benefit would that provide to your workforce?

→ Trainings and workshops 

 Your employee assistance programme can also include a selection of trainings and workshops. We include a wide range of these, including (but not limited to):

  • General mental and emotional health awareness
  • Anxiety awareness
  • Stress awareness
  • Depression awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence building
  • Procrastination breakthrough
  • Burnout awareness
  • Create your own mental health workout
  • Overcoming overthinking
  • Empowered mindset
  • Using the PALM emotional health framework
  • 'Thinky Bingo' - the thought virus game
  • Self-esteem and self-worth breakthrough
  • Emotional intelligence workshop

PLUS, we also a bespoke service where we will create trainings and workshops specifically for you. If you want a combined stress and anxiety workshop, we will create it for you. If you want a workshop to help people with their confidence and self-esteem, we will create it for you. What benefit would that bring to your workforce?

Employee assistance programme - pay for what you use

As mentioned above, we will work with you to create the perfect employee assistance programme for your business. This is because we work differently and believe that an employee assistance programme should benefit all parties. Because of that belief, we also work differently when it comes to what you pay for. In most cases an employee assistance programme is paid for like an insurance. It is a set price per employee, per month. That price remains the same whether the service is used or not. This could mean you are paying for a service that is hardly ever used!

With Priority Mind Management, you'll only pay for what you use. We offer you a combination that include blocks of one-on-one sessions plus workshops. As and when the one-on-one sessions are used they are taken off your account, until they are all used. This way you only ever pay for what you use. Imagine paying for a service that is never used. Now imagine paying for that service ONLY when it is used. There is a big difference!

Employee assistance programme awareness

Your role, as a business owner, manager or leader, is to run the business. Our role, as your employee assistance programme provider, is to help you make your workforce aware of the service they have available to them. To do this we can offer information packs and a weekly email newsletter service that offers hits and tips on improving their emotional and mental health. Let us help you!

So here is the key question - are you ready to support your employees in their mental and emotional health? If you are, we can help.

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