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Terri Regent

Location, UK
Transformational coaching, Transitions coaching, Integrative coaching

Terri started her career in retail management immersed in the pressurised environment of merchandising, customer service, staff recruitment and maximising profits. From here she became an A-level lecturer in psychology. Planning curriculums, facilitating learning and tutoring students. She was also a mentor and support for talented, gifted students often displaying complex psychological, emotional and social needs.

She then became an Ofsted registered childminder and respite foster carer. Providing education, care responsibilities and development tasks to children aged between 0 to 16 years. Also involved in providing emergency placements to vulnerable children in social services, probation services, immigration and domestic violence women’s refuge.

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Coaching Journey

Across all her job roles, it has always been about the people for Terri and how she can facilitate their learning or working practices. Looking for ways they can have the most positive experience to enable their innate well-being.

Coaching is the ultimate tool for co-creating positive outcomes and supporting people to reach their potential or achieve their goals. Terri has a keen interest in psychology, human behaviour and enabling thriving relationships. Coaching is so powerful it is her dream job.

My ‘why’ for Coaching

“Helping others means they feel valued, heard, seen and able to access their strengths to reach their potential. It’s about supporting their growth and learning to access their innate wisdom and well-being. It means I have the honour to co-create, witness or facilitate their goals, living to my values and holding them in positive regard.”

Specific areas of expertise

Core Values for Coaching

Clients who would benefit from her Coaching

What does helping others mean to you?

“My mission is to help others see they can overcome any obstacle, unlock their inner wisdom, discover innate strengths and power to achieve their goals or dreams within a co-creative, supportive coaching container.”


Menopause Specific Training:

Other training/certificates:
NLP, Timeline Therapy, Reiki practitioner level 1 & 2, Personal Transformation coach, Breakthrough Coach, 40+ trainings related to childcare, including safeguarding, paediatric first aid, behaviour, mental health, etc.

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