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Silke Reichrath

Emotional health, Mental Health, Change of Circumstance, Empty Nesting (Women specific), Domestic Violence Survivors

Silke's early career was in international development and peace-building, with a BA in French and Spanish and an MA in International Affairs. She wrote a thesis on the peace agreements in Guatemala and worked as a project manager in the areas of peace-building, natural resource management, public health and violence prevention. Part of this project management was coaching international partner organizations in project planning.

Coaching Journey

Silke came to Coaching in March 2020 and got her first certification at a weekend training the week before the lockdowns. Coaching was recommended to Silke by a friend as helpful at a point where she had reached the limits of counselling and the legal system for her own marital separation process. She finds Coaching useful because it is action oriented, future oriented, and focused on the role of the coaching client in improving their life. Silke used the slower pace of life during the pandemic to keep studying coaching with Mind Valley’s Evercoach, Coaching Evolved, The Priority Academy and then Priority Mind Management. She enjoys sharing what she has learned and seeing others grow and transform their lives.

Her 'Why' for Coaching

Her mission is to connect with clients at a transition point in their lives and explore their identity, values and vision to design the next phase of their life accordingly. Her purpose is to leave this place (earth) a little better than she found it by inspiring others to live in integrity with their higher purpose.

Specific areas of expertise

Silke focusses on working with immigrants starting a new life in a new country, women reinventing themselves as their children leave the nest, and survivors of domestic violence who are ready to move on to a new and better life. She enjoys helping people to improve their mental and emotional health across many aspects of life.

Core Values for Coaching

  • Contribution
  • Connection
  • Exploration
  • Resilience
  • Integrity.

Clients who would benefit from her Coaching

Silke focusses on working with women reinventing themselves as their children leave the nest, survivors of domestic violence who are ready to move on to a new and better life and immigrants starting a new life in a new country. She can work across any of these issues either via a business or at an individual level.

What does helping others mean to Silke?

It means making a contribution and leaving the world a better place by passing on some of what she has learned. At the same time, she learns from each person she connects with, as life is a learning journey and people cross paths for a reason.


  • Certified Coaches Federation: Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Coaching Evolved:Emotional Freedom Technique for Coaches
  • Coaching Evolved: Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Coaches
  • Priority Academy: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner
  • Priority Mind Management Coach

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