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Cuddy Cudworth

Location, UK
ADHD, Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, Career or work

Having worked in corporate America for 13 years as a Cruise Director, seeing the stresses and anxiousness of large teams, Cuddy decided that being a cruise director wasn’t for him and wanted to follow a purpose of helping others succeed and grow. He chose to help others understand how to manage their minds and their emotions to help make them stronger by having a rock solid belief that everyone can live without labels. After having a nervous breakdown, he had to uncover and learn a lot about himself to become the person he is today. It s now his purpose to help other senior Leaders and Directors of companies understand their values and identities more so they don’t need to live the lie they keep living to their own detriment.

Cuddy has genuinely enjoyed learning and coaching others to their best selves. He helps a range of clients, from teenagers to the elderly, overcome their traumas to help them understand their emotions. Helping others overcome overthinking and their Monkey Minds is an absolute pleasure, he always likes to tell his clients something he often felt himself and now know its not true, "they are not broken and they don’t need fixing". We just have to learn our thoughts are not as real as we like to make them out and once we understand this about ourselves, the struggles we have encountered in the past can be better managed personally.

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Coaching Journey

I personally had a nervous breakdown and struggled to manage my thoughts, overthinking and the low feelings of insecurity to the verge of nearly loosing my wife due to a crazy fear led imagination. I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to control my thoughts ever again, so trust me when I say I've been lost in thought and lost in wild imaginations of insecurity and depression and constant worry. Coaching, both on myself and helping others, helped me through those difficult times and it is now my purpose to help others in the same way

What is your 'Why?' for Coaching

My purpose is to help as many clients as possible understand that their monkey minds and emotions don’t have to control their life. Labels of PTSD, anxiety or Depression are just that, just a label and it doesn’t need to define you in anyway. The labels that are given to us are only given to us so we can be prescribed a tablet; what if you don’t need therapy what if you just need better Mind Management?

Specific Areas of Expertise

I work with executives who have suffered with overthinking and stress that drive them to the edge of their own sanity. I have helped Teens overcome their mental health battles created from a world of social media comparison. I have helped ladies get past trauma and become the ladies they need to be in the world of constant overwhelm and criticism. If you are suffering with any form of poor mental health, there is a good chance I can help you.

Core Values for Coaching

Clients who would benefit from his Coaching

Cuddy works with businesses who want to support their staff to be fully assisted with continued growth and support in mental health. Alongside this he works with male dominant work forces because he believes men need to understand their emotions as well. He genuinely believes that we have to feel it to heal it.

What does helping others mean to you?

Helping others means the absolute world to my clients, which gives me a burning desire to help as many people as possible. That my friends is my purpose.

What clients say about Cuddy

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