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Donna Money

Location, UK
Imposter Syndrome, Health and well-being, Personal growth, Emotional health, Mindset, Empowerment, Building confidence, Narcissistic Abuse

Donna believes that success is about more than just strategy; it’s about mindset and she is fully committed to empowering female professionals with the right tools to assist their transformation to live the life they truly deserve.

If you’re ready to embrace mental and emotional well-being, actualise your goals and take your life to the next level, connect with Donna and make it happen.

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Coaching journey

Donna’s coaching journey began with her realisation of the importance of each and every individual’s contribution to the richness of life. You can’t have a full picture without all the jigsaw pieces right? Throughout her personal and professional experience, Donna has overcome numerous challenges, leading her to embrace the ‘innerstanding’ that real change comes from within. As a self empowered single mother, she built a successful business from scratch, as well as climbing the corporate ladder within a predominantly male-dominated environment. Working with some of the UK’s leading professionals within the corporate landscape, Donna embarked on her own personal development journey to overcome imposter syndrome which ignited her passion in assisting other professional women break down their self-limiting barriers to success.

However, this didn’t come without challenges along the way. In addition to overcoming grief from the loss of immediate family, Donna became entangled with a covert narcissist as a partner, an experience that left her feeling ashamed and isolated. Stripped of her support system, the only solace to be found was in continuing to work, albeit putting on a mask to hide her the true position, whilst silently yearning for freedom. It took time for her to consciously recognise and acknowledge the situation, with further hurdles to find freedom from the relationship to step back into her authenticity. This experience ultimately motivated her to establish her business ‘Divine Being’, where she now offers assistance to fellow female survivors of narcissistic abuse so they may fully reclaim their authentic power.

Fast forward to 2020 and the lockdown period, which provided Donna the opportunity to reflect on her true passion – assisting transformation to enrich the lives of others and more latterly embarking on her journey as a Priority Mind Management Coach.

Why for coaching

Life coaching is invaluable! It provides essential support and guidance by addressing unique challenges, such as imposter syndrome and work-life balance to assist women navigate their career paths with confidence and authenticity. Through personalised strategies and mindset shifts, coaching assists women break through barriers to advance and challenge gender norms. It helps women to thrive both personally and professionally, making a positive impact in their own lives and that of the corporate world.

Specialist areas

Donna specialises in coaching female professional women within the workplace – whether that be on a 1-2-1 basis or a group format. Offering a confidential and non-judgemental partnership approach, she provides proven emotional and behavioural techniques to assist her clients overcome blocks, enabling them to confidently excel both personally and professionally.

Focusing on mental and emotional well-being, mindset, growth & empowerment, overcoming imposter syndrome & limiting beliefs, as well as guiding narcissistic abuse survivors to transform from surviving to thriving.

Core values for coaching

Clients who would benefit from Donna's coaching

Donna is wholeheartedly committed to empowering professional women, to assist them in uncovering their hidden potential to confidently achieve their dreams, she is passionate about enriching lives; to help you reach your true full potential.

What does helping others mean to you?

“Coaching is incredibly rewarding as it aligns with my own personal values and sense of purpose. It allows me to call upon my strengths and passions to support, empower and facilitate positive change for my clients”

“It’s an absolute privilege to witness the progress and transformation of clients.”


Life Coach/Spiritual Life Coach

Priority Mind Management Coach

Transformational Breakthrough Coach

Master Usui Reiki Practitioner

Accredited Meditation Teacher

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