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Catherine Koch

Career or work, Leadership, Stress, Mental health, Burnout

Catherine's coaching journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to fostering healing and transformation. With a personal victory over PTSD as her catalyst, she has meticulously honed her expertise in energy psychology, including EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, and the Rewind technique, alongside achieving state licensure as a Psychotherapy Practitioner. Since 2008, Catherine has been committed to guiding individuals towards emotional and physical wellbeing, leveraging her deep understanding of the mind-body connection. Her holistic approach enables clients to resolve past traumas, rewire their mindset for authenticity, and cultivate empowering habits for a fulfilling life. At the core, Catherine's passion for helping others shines through, driven by the fulfillment and purpose she finds in witnessing the profound transformations of those she supports.

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Coaching journey

Catherine's path to coaching was catalysed by her personal triumph over PTSD, fueling a commitment to assist others facing similar challenges. She honed her expertise in various energy psychology techniques, such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, and the Rewind technique, to offer comprehensive support. Additionally, Catherine qualified as a state-licensed Psychotherapy Practitioner.

Since 2008, she has found immense fulfillment in aiding clients to reclaim their lives, helping them to break free from the hold of past traumas.

My 'why' for coaching

Catherine's journey into coaching was sparked by a recognition of the urgent need for more people to master life-changing skills, tools, and techniques. Driven by a desire to positively impact more lives, she pursued and achieved certification as an EFT trainer. With a deep-rooted passion for holistic approaches, Catherine further expanded her expertise by becoming a Meta Health Master Practitioner and Trainer. This combination of skills enables her to guide others in understanding how their past experiences influence their current health symptoms. By fostering this awareness, Catherine empowers individuals to support their body's natural healing processes effectively.

Specific areas of expertise

Catherine's areas of expertise focus on empowering her clients to:

  1. Develop an understanding of the mind-body connection, guiding them on how to positively influence their emotional and physical wellbeing.
  2. Resolve past experiences and shift their mindset through brain rewiring, enabling them to embrace their authentic selves.
  3. Release disempowering habits and establish a sustainable lifestyle that supports their goal achievement.


Core values for coaching

Clients who would benefit from her coaching

Entrepreneurs and individuals at the verge of burnout or those wanting to regain their lives back after a break down.

What does helping others mean to you?

"Helping others isn't just what I do; it's at the heart of who I am. This journey of guidance and support is my passion, providing me with a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose. For me, the essence of helping others lies in the transformative power of witnessing someone step into their full potential."

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