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Casey Corbett

Location, USA
Anxiety, Success, Stress, Emotional intelligence, Communication skills, Personal growth, Goal-setting

Casey's diverse background in mind management certifications, athletic coaching, and customer service, prepared him well to help people with their mental health today. His early career in various customer service industries has provided him with the experience of interacting with different people and understanding various types of businesses. Additionally, his professional experience in the medical billing field, has given him a solid understanding of the healthcare system and the needs of patients.

Furthermore, his certifications in mind management and experience as an athletic coach have given him a holistic approach to helping people in terms of understanding their mental and physical well-being. All this experience and knowledge combined, make him well equipped to help people find solutions for their mental health today.

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Coaching Journey

Coaching comes very naturally to Casey having played sports for his entire childhood and with a Dad who coached him for years. It has enabled him to see first-hand what it means to be a coach. He has also started on-the-field coaching and has been doing this for a school baseball team for several years. Being able to impart the lessons he has learnt to a younger generation is very rewarding.

My ‘why’ for coaching

“I want to contribute to people feeling better about life in general by having control over their mental well-being, to learn the power of positive thought and a flexible mindset. Be able to take time to understand one another and move away from prejudgements. My goal is to see people be as interested in learning from another person as they are to teach.”

Specific areas of expertise

He is passionate about sports psychology but can also help in several other areas:

General stress, anxiety, fearSelf-awareness and social effectiveness
Reprogramming the mind for successPersonal growth
Communication skillsFinding beliefs and values
Goal-settingUnderstanding emotions and thoughts

Core Values for Coaching

Clients who would benefit from his coaching

Comfortable working in any industry or profession but would love to work with athletes at different levels, professional, semi-professional, college, and high school.

As someone who has overcome drug and alcohol addiction, this is another specialist field where Casey can help clients. With his extensive experience of now being sober for over 8 years, he didn’t go to treatment but worked it through on his own. He believes through the power of the mind people can overcome addictions if they truly want.

What does helping others mean to you

“In a life that is full of questions and not many answers, helping others gives me a sense of reason for being alive. It means contributing to another person’s positive life experience. I believe that time is the most valuable asset we have, so putting time towards understanding or helping others is the greatest thing we can do for another person.”


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