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Amber Hartman

Location, UK
Addiction, Suicidal thoughts, Personal growth, Transitions coaching, Integrative coaching, Mental Health

Amber is a keen advocate for personal growth through implementation of tools from Positive Psychology, Transactional Analysis, Polyvagal Theory, Somatic, BWRT and Havening Techniques. She has a background in advice training, Suicide Awareness, Slavery and Trafficking, working with children and the vulnerable,

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Coaching Journey

Amber started her journey into helping those with mental health challenges in 2016 when she took a Mental Health First Aid Course. Since then she has worked her way through various trainings to gain her ICF Accreditation at grade ACC. She is also certified to DISC assessment Level 1 and has also completed certification courses in various trauma based models.

My 'Why' for Coaching

Helping others has become an integral part of my life after my own experiences. Coaching provides the tools and strategies that help me to help more people. By combining Coaching with other helping models I can reach out to more people and help them to create the life improvements they are seeking.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Working with Trauma

Trafficking and Slavery 

Domestic Violence 

Suicide Awareness

Veteran Rehabilitation 

Mental & Emotional Health

Core Values for Coaching



Personal Growth



Clients who would benefit from her coaching

With a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience, Amber can work across a range of areas. In particular she can help those who have been affected by domestic violence and abuse, those who have been affected in any way by trafficking and most general mental health issues. 

What does helping others mean to you

"I have been on a journey of self growth for many years and helping myself has taken me into helping others. To see the impact I can have on another persons life is so rewarding and brings a sense of purpose and joy to my life"

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