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Olga Adamska

Location, UK
English , Ukrainian , Russian
Health and well-being, Studying or daily mindset, Stress, Emotional intelligence, Communication skills, Mindset, Empowerment, Mental Health

Olga truly can be called a multi-passionate Coach and her ultimate goal and mission to help those who is seeking to find wholeness and overall feeling good in life on physical and emotional levels. She loves experimenting and exploring the potential and limits of human body and mind. She is originally from Ukraine where she lived till 1998 and studied World Foreign Literature and Linguistics at Dnipro University, but she had done all her fitness and wellness trainings in UK.

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Coaching Journey

Olga has been working in fitness and wellness industry for over 14 years. Teaching Pilates has been her not only vocational call, but also true passion due to life-changing injuries after a car accident in her youth time. Pilates body-mind method helped her to heal and realigned her body. She has an ever growing interest to see the body and mind as a whole and belief that freeing the mind from limiting beliefs and disempowering emotions as well as healing physical body from old habitual patterns of stuckness and tensions can help anyone to live well and ultimately become a Whole Well Being.

My 'Why' for Coaching

I want to help people to find a path to balanced self-regulated mental and emotional health and physical health.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Olga is a Mind Management Coach with expertise in Somatic Education (developing better body awareness) through Yoga and Pilates, Emotional Associated Coaching and Sophrology, the art of combining mindfulness and movement. All of these mean she can help people with all areas of mental health, emotional health and mindset issues.

Core Values for Coaching

Clients who would benefit from her Coaching

People who would benefit from Olga's Coaching are those who want to improve their mental health, emotional health and mindset through exploring both mind and body. Olga can also work with any type of business, at any level, to improve the overall mental and emotional health of the team and, therefore, the business as a whole.

What does helping others mean to you?

Contributing even the smallest shifts towards someone’s well being makes my existence/life in this world very purposeful and fulfilling.


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