Mental Health First Aid Certification

Our Mental Health First Aid Certification is Fully Accredited by the Global CPD Standards Office

Did you know; it is recommended that a business should have one mental health first aider for every ten employees?

Mental Health First Aid is quickly becoming one of the most important positions any business should have. It is right up there with the more traditional physical first aiders in its importance. Any business who truly values their workforce and wants to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment needs to invest in mental health first aiders.

That's where we at Priority Mind Management come in. Our Mental Health First Aid Certification is fully accredited by the Global CPD Standards Office. What does that mean? Well, the Global CPD Standards office also accredit courses from the NHS, the Financial Conduct Authority and The Law Society, to name but a few. This means that you can be assured that the training your mental health first aiders receive will be of the highest standard.

About the Mental Health First Aid Certification

The Priority Mind Management Mental Health First Aid Certification is twelve hours in length. It is split across four x 3-hour sessions that can be across two days or even across four days. We know how hard it can be to release employees for days at a time so we want to make sure it fits in with your schedule.

The training is a mix of theoretical based and practical, experienced based work. We include the practical side to ensure that delegates are not only taught about mental health. They are also taught how to hold and handle mental health first aid sessions. This practical experience sets us apart from other mental health first aid trainings. We want to ensure that, should the need arise, the delegates are ready and capable to help whoever needs them.

To ensure their readiness the delegates are also required to complete twelve hours of practice sessions with each other outside of the training. Again, this practical knowledge of being in a session is invaluable. These additional hours also mean that the course contains 24 CPD hours / credits. We truly believe that having this facility within your business should not just be a tick box exercise. The delegates who complete this course will have a full and working knowledge of what it takes to be there and help in the worst of moments.

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Upcoming Mental Health First Aid Certification Training

Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th August, 9am - 4pm (UK time)

Instructor: Cuddy Cudworth, Co-CEO

Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th September 9:00am - 4:00pm (UK time)

Instructor: Cuddy Cudworth, Co-CEO

Venue: Online via Zoom

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Breaking the course down

Part One

In part one of the course the delegates will:

  • Discover core facts and truths about what mental health is and, just importantly, what it is not.
  • Uncover and break through the myths around mental and emotional health.
  • Understand the difference between mental health and mental illness.
  • Learn how to identify the signs of poor mental health.
  • Find out what the 'Monkey Mind" is and how it effects our thoughts.
  • Understand what helpful and unhelpful thoughts are.
  • Discover the ABC Model and how it applies to mental and emotional health.

Part Two

In part two of the course, delegates will:

  • Discover the Human Emotional Needs and how they effect each of us.
  • Learn the three core stress triggers and how they bring on other poor emotional states.
  • Uncover what Emotional Blueprinting is and how they can use that in real life situations.
  • Learn the critical root cause of mental and emotional health issues.
  • Gain an understanding of trauma and the trauma response.
  • Discover the two human nervous systems and why they are so important to their work.
  • Be introduced to the P.A.L.M. framework, the Priority Mind Management mental and emotional health framework.

Part Three

In part three of the course the delegates will:

  • Learn the core qualities that are required to take up this important position.
  • Discover the core skills that a mental health first aider will need to help others.
  • Gain invaluable, practical experience of using the core skills in a variety of situations.
  • Understand the mental health first aid process and how to hold a session.
  • Uncover the power of helping people to set short term goals for improvement.

Part Four

In the fourth and final part of the course, delegates will:

  • Continue their core skills practical work to gain additional, valuable experience.
  • Learn how to calm overwhelming emotional states such as panic attacks.
  • Discover how to use the P.A.L.M. framework as a mental health first aider.
  • Discover how to help someone create a mental and emotional health workout.
  • Understand how important our routines and rituals are and how to help others with theirs.
  • Identify additional helpful resources and how to help others take the next steps to their wellbeing.

After completing all four sessions of the course and their additional twelve hour practical assignment, the delegates will become Mental Health First Aiders, certified by Priority Mind Management.

The difference that makes the difference

Here's the truth; most other Mental Health First Aid providers will be people who are trained to deliver mental health first aid training. Our trainers are also Mental Health Coaches who help people everyday with their mental health challenges. Your employees will be trained by people who know what it is like to help people. This means that you are getting real world knowledge and experience built into every training. Why would you want anything less?

Remember, mental health first aid is more than a tick box exercise. Our training will ensure your staff have the help at hand when they need it. Real world help delivered by trained coaches who know how to help others. If you went to a doctor, would you want him to have been trained by someone who is only trained to deliver the training, or another doctor with a wealth of real world experience? The choice is now yours to make.

More information

If you need more information or would like to talk to us about booking this training for your organisation then please complete the form below and we will get in touch. Please note, we can hold a training course for your organisation or have delegates from yours and other organisations come together to form a course.

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