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Al is a qualified social worker and counsellor. This has given him a wealth of experience in caring for and supporting vulnerable individuals. Working in the NHS for over 20 years, he’s comfortable operating in multi-disciplinary practitioner teams. He has used this knowledge to complete several locum posts across different NHS Trusts.

He became a specialist in consultations for assessment and therapeutic interventions. This involved supporting parents, carers, guardians and young people with a wide range of conditions, presentations and disorders. He has also supported adults as they access mental health services.

Before this, Al worked in a local authority for children, young people and families. Here he was involved in several areas that included special guardianship, safeguarding, fostering, youth justice and open residential care of children. As part of this, he co-led the therapeutic group work programme in a secure unit for adolescents.

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Coaching Journey

During his career, Al found that approaches based on supporting an individual who has chosen to change and make improvements are the most effective. Providing an opportunity to review their situation, beliefs, values, aims and intentions gives the scope for a significant shift of perspective.

This desire for personal change is achieved when accountability is backed up by professional expertise. Being able to deliver this through coaching to support this creative change is incredibly rewarding.

My ‘why’ for Coaching

“I believe there are times in our lives when we can benefit from being listened to at a deeper level. It’s a situation I’ve experienced, so I can empathise with others and have seen the benefits first-hand. My career history means I have a lot to offer and share, so why not for the benefit of others.”

Specific areas of expertise

Al's main areas of focus and of expertise are: mental health, emotional health, motivation, voice(s) and choice(s) in overcoming relationship difficulties, as influenced by and influencing self-belief, purposes, and achievement.

Core Values for Coaching

  • Authenticity – being genuine to oneself
  • Contribution – making a difference that matters
  • Growth – resetting to allow individuals to flourish
  • Resilience – to overcome, recover and go again
  • Thoroughness – leaving no stone unturned

Clients who would benefit from his Coaching

Individuals who need support to review their lives and make changes. They can be working in any sector or environment, it’s more about the challenges they’re facing. Support is provided in some key areas:

Career or workRelationships
Health and well-beingLearning
LeadershipStudying or daily mindset

What does helping others mean to you?

“When someone I’m helping has a breakthrough or mindset shift giving them a sense of renewed freedom or creativity to make changes in their life. When they achieve one of their desired goals, I feel I’ve been able to do something worthwhile and reaffirm my belief in the value of this work.”


This is a very long list! I’m not sure which are the most important, is it key to detail qualifications if it is we need a much more focused list which I will need help with.

  • Diploma Coaching (P.M.A. / IPHM 2022)
  • Motivational Interviewing Level 1 (APT 2021)
  • Certificate Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, (Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre 2021)
  • Trauma-Informed Practice: Certificates Level 1 & Level 2 (Trauma-Informed Practice Institute, Canadian Psychol Assn, Feb, March 2021) Advanced Transformational Hypnosis (C. Howard, 2019)
  • Mentalization (Anna Freud Centre, London 2017)
    Introduction to Group Analysis (Turvey, Inst. Group Analysis 2007)
  • M.A. Psychoanalytic Observational Studies (Tavistock Centre /Univ. E. London, Cambridge 2005)
  • Systemic & Family Practice & Theory: Narrative (M.White 1996), Solution-focused Brief Therapy (C.Iveson 1996)
  • Diploma Counselling (OPT, Oxford / AEB 1995)
  • Certificate in Counselling Theory & Practice (OPT, Oxford/ AEB 1994)
  • Diploma Management Studies (Luton Univ 1993)
  • Diploma Social Work/C.Q.S.W. (Univ Coll Cardiff 1987)
  • BSc. Psychology (Hull Univ 1979)
  • M.A. Psychoanalytic Observational Studies (Tavistock Centre / Univ. E. London, 2005)
  • Diploma Counselling (1995)
  • Certificate in Counselling Theory & Practice (1994)
  • Diploma Management Studies (1993)
  • Diploma Social Work/CQSW (1987)
  • BSc. Psychology (1979)


  • British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, Member (MBACP)
  • Affiliations: British Association of Social Workers (BASW)
  • Association for Family Therapy & Systemic Practice (AFT)
  • Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals (AICTP)
  • Compliance: In my work I comply with the Code of Ethical Practice of BACP(contained in:
  • Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions).
    I hold Professional Liability Insurance ( through Towergate). I have an arrangement for Professional Consultation. I maintain my awareness of professional issues and developments and am committed to undertaking Continuing Professional Development.

General Data Procession Regulations (GDPR) :

  • Record keeping and data processing
  • procedures are compliant with GDPR) (2018).
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