Master Emotional Coach Certification

Accredited Master Emotional Coach Certification

Registrations for this Master Emotional Coach Certification training are CLOSING SOON! The dates and times of the training are towards the bottom of this page! The course starts on Sunday 9th July (full dates below) so registration will close shortly! Book your place today.

Do you want to learn the secret that should not be kept a secret from coaches? Do you want to know how to decode people's emotions and help them to be free to live their lives? If the answer to either of those questions is 'Yes!' then you need to be on this training course.

This Master Emotional Coach Training is brand new. Nothing like this exists anywhere else in the world and you have the opportunity to be one of the first coaches to be trained in this life changing knowledge. I know that you are reading this because you want to get the deeper results with your clients that you've been missing. I know that you want to have a bigger impact with your clients than you thought possible.

What you will learn on this training 

- You will learn the process that will allow you to understand your clients emotions and issues within 30 minutes or less.

- Then you'll learn how to model your coaching approach depending on what their issues and emotions are.

- You'll discover a powerful tool for helping them to understand their emotional patterns and how to use that framework to power up your coaching

- AND you will learn the brand new IMPACT Coaching Theory tool which will help you to have a greater impact with your clients.

How powerful would it be for you to be able to decode your clients emotions and help them live their best life?

If you don't need to know any more and are ready to grab your place before they are all gone, click the relevant button below book your space!

You can select to pay a single payment of £497 or 3 monthly payments of £166

Please Note: Any taxes due in your country or region will be added at the checkout page

Priority Mind Management are an accredited training provider and this training is fully accredited, both by the Global CPD Standards Office.

You can be assured that this training is of the highest quality as the Global CPD Standards Office also accredit trainings by organisations such as the NHS, The Law Society and the Financial Conduct Authority. Your training providers, Graham Nicholls and Cuddy Cudworth, have over 30 years experience in the training and coaching sector.

Emotions effect everything we do

As human beings, we are constantly experiencing emotions. From the moment we wake to the moment we sleep, emotions play a huge part in our every day lives. They help us to move forward, to keep going, to do the things we want to do. They also hinder us, stop us in our tracks and prevent us from living the life we want. It doesn't matter what area of coaching you are in, or want to go in to, emotions are going to play their part.

Imagine, just for a moment, you are with a new client. They tell you that they have a dream, a goal they want to reach. For some reason though, they are holding themselves back and they don't know why. Maybe they have been to another coach or therapist and haven't got the answers they need so they have come to you. Now imagine being able to identify why they are holding themselves back within the first 30 minutes of that session. Then being able to get them past that and on the road to where they want to be. How powerful for them would that be? 

How fulfilled would that make you feel?

You've probably been thinking about taking a live course for a while. Maybe you've taken some online courses and want to expand your knowledge. Perhaps you have taken a live course before and need something extra to move you forward. You may well be reading this because you want to help more people and have a greater impact. There's a good chance you want to expand your knowledge and get your hands on the latest powerful tools.

The good news is that this is the training course you have been looking for!

By the end of this training you will......

- Know how to identify your clients blocks quickly and effectively

- Understand how to model and decode their emotional patterns and help them shift them

- Have a clear understanding of how to use the emotional tool to enhance the power of your coaching

- Be able to work with the IMPACT Coaching Theory method to supercharge your coaching and your clients results


- You will also be able to claim 2 free online, pre-recorded courses from The Priority Academy

- Get a free 1-hour coaching session 

Ok, here is one last thing...... because this is brand new and the first time we have ever run this training, we are offering it to you at an introductory price.

Book on the training today and you'll get it for just £497 (plus any taxes due in your country / region). You can even pay for it over 3 months at only £166 (plus taxes) per month.

The next time we run this training it will be £997 because we know how powerful this material is. So you have the opportunity, today, to book on this training and save yourself £500. 

When is the training?

The training starts on Sunday 9th July and runs every Sunday and Tuesday for 5 weeks. The times for the course are 7pm - 9pm UK time, please check what this is in your local time!

To be clear

You are getting a 10 module live training course, via zoom, with the latest and most powerful coaching tools around. You get a full training manual included and all training sessions are recorded for you to watch back whenever you wish. PLUS you are getting 2 courses from The Priority Academy AND a free 1-hour coaching session.

It really is a no-brainer!

Spaces are limited so you need to book your place now, click the relevant button below and become a Master Emotional Coach.

Book your place today!

You can select to pay a single payment of £497 or 3 monthly payments of £166

Please Note: Any taxes due in your country or region will be added at the checkout page

Book your place now to save yourself £500 and avoid disappointment!

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