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Heather Hanlan

Location, USA & Bahamas
Emotional health, Mindset

The first Director of Rehabilitation Services for the Public Hospitals Authority in Nassau, Bahamas. Heather was honoured with the Clinical Excellence Professional Organisational Award for Allied Health in 2016. She has held various leadership positions within her field, including serving as the President and Vice-President of The Bahamas Association of Physiotherapists.

An author, a Soul Expression Mentor, a Mindset Management Coach and a Physical Therapist. She is also the founder and CEO of the HPH Factor, a transformational life coaching service with programmes designed to restore your mind, body and spirit. Allowing you the opportunity to have a happier, more prosperous and healthier life without the feelings of emptiness. Transforming pain into power and being the best version of yourself.

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Coaching Journey

For many years Heather struggled with body image, being timid when vocalising her thoughts and afraid of what others may think. She also had a lack of confidence in her personal life, a feeling of going nowhere even though professionally she was excelling.

Other women also feel they are struggling or are in a continuous cycle of going nowhere. They lack confidence in how they look, are not sure of their purpose and seem to end up in a relationship that’s going nowhere.

It’s these struggles and Heather’s journey towards feeling fulfilled that drives her with a burning desire to help other women. Individuals who may be struggling with similar challenges to live the life they deserve and become masters of their destinies.

My ‘why’ for Coaching

“Everyone deserves to know and believe in themselves, deserving of the life they want. That it is ok to say no, not to have all the answers but to know when they’re ready there is help out there and you’re not alone in the world even though at times it feels like it. To know their existence alone is purpose.”

Specific areas of expertise

Helping people identify and then remove roadblocks that limit their beliefs and ultimately are preventing them from achieving their goals. Specifically through transformational coaching, emotional health and well-being coaching, cognitive coaching and mindset life coaching.

Core Values for Coaching

Clients who would benefit from her Coaching

Individuals who are ready and want to make a change in their lives. They are now prepared to put the work in to make this happen. Specifically high-achieving women.

What does helping others mean to you?

“My mission in life as a coach is to help women live their fullest soul expression. Helping them find their authentic voice and use it with confidence, to not be a shadow of herself, transmute pain into power and move from a feeling of emptiness to fullness.”


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