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Joanne Gibson

Location, UK
ADHD, Health and well - being, Learning, Projects, OCD, Autism, Learning difficulties, Mental health

Joanne has worked for the Ministry of Education, collaborating with teachers and schools to support the achievement of students with learning and/or behaviour difficulties. she coordinated training to whole school staff, to upskill them to be inclusive to all students - neurodiverse and non neurodiverse.

Coaching Journey

Joanne has developed and used her counselling and coaching skills to provide well-thought-through solutions that positively impact her clients' lives. Her focus is on improving my client’s self-confidence and breaking any negative cycles of poor mental and emotional health.

Specific areas of expertise

Joanne works with diverse clients and students from all walks of life, including people of all ages, backgrounds, neurodiversity, cultures and sexual orientations. Her experience with issues such as ADHD and Autism makes her an expert in that area.

Core Values for Coaching

  • Empathy
  • Passionate
  • Learning & Growth
  • Diversity
  • Confidence

Clients who would benefit from her Coaching

Joanne works across all areas of mental and emotional health so anyone can benefit from her Coaching. She also supports parents who have neurodiverse children and struggle witht heir behaviour at home and works with children who are anxious and have lost their confidence in their learning. 

She will work in partnership with you to support your personal development by encouraging you to explore your own views and mindset about yourself and how you can best achieve your goals. Her aim is to help her clients reach their full potential and achieve their desired outcomes.


Positive Behaviour Management.

Restorative justice and mediation.  

Qualified in working with all neurodiverse clients (ADHD, Dyslexia, Autisim spectrum, gifted and twice exceptional) 

Professional development training in Effective Teaching – Motivation and motivating. How to motivate the client who is not motivated. 

Qualified in Cognitive behaviour - teach clients to be able to think about their thinking. 

Priority Mind Management Coach

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